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Our latest batch of Clear Large Candles are not as perfect as we hoped, the wax has separated slightly from the glass which simply looks a little imperfect. Nevertheless these beautiful candles still smell amazing! AND the slight imperfection will soon vanish once the candle is lit.

We are offering 50% off this batch, so now is a great time to trial some new scents, or stock up on your candle supplies.

Limited stock so be quick!!

Add some luxury to your home with our stunning and sophisticated hand poured candles.

Available in a large variety of scents, with something to suit everyone!


Care Instructions

Never leave a lit candle burning unattended. Let the candle burn until the liquid reaches the side to leave an even flat wax. Trim the wicks to ensure a clean candle burn.

Non-toxic wax, lead free cotton wicks
Each candle burns for up to 45 hours approx

Customer Reviews

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Sweet lingering scent

Ever buy a candle that as soon as you open the box the smell is divine, but when you get it home and burn it, the scent is underwhelming? Happy to say, this candle burns just as great as when you get that first out of the box smell. After about 2hours of burning the smell is still lovely. Very happy with my purchase 😊