NEW - Keep Cups

Our brand new Keep Cups are available as is or filled with a candle! They make an amazing gift. Fully insulated they can be used for hot or cold drinks. If you choose to get the candle version you simply clean the cup with hot water when the candle is done, rinse, and vala you have a Keep Cup! Available in 3 stunning designs.

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Madison Romy Skin Care Essentials

Our skin care range was created by mums, for mums. We understand the hormones, stress and fatigue of parenting and living a busy lifestyle. So after years of trying different products we created a range suited specifically to treat and maintain a healthy glow for woman who are like us - Doing EVERYTHING, looking after EVERYONE and putting ourselves LAST! Well not anymore ladies! This range will be a game changer for you and your skin! Grab the Essentials set and get your GLOW on today!


Aromatherapy Bath Salts

You know those days when the kids are just at you, the house is a mess, you feel like you just can't seem to get on top of EVERYTHING. It all just gets TOO MUCH?.... Yep it sucks. But you know what doesn't suck? Running a huge hot bath, pouring in some soothing bath salts, lighting a candle, and locking the damn door. We get it, thats why we made our 3 ranges of bath salts. All soothing, and calming but all different in their own way, jut like us! Take some time out for you today it's the least you can do for yourself. xoxo

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Hand Made Candles

Because... candles make the perfect gift for just about everyone.  They create a sense of peace within the home.  They relax and rejuvenate and add elegance to the home.  

There’s no doubt about it, luxury candles are the ultimate interior accessory and gift! Whether you want to add ambiance to your living room or have a relaxing candlelit bath.  Candles are our go to for transforming our home in literally seconds! 

Adding some candle light and the smell of summer to the house can make such a difference!  We just know you will love our individually created scents as much as we do!


Hair & Scalp Treatment

How much does hair loss suck? Seriously it freaken sucks. You get those annoying whispy hairs all around your hair line so you literally look like you've driven around the block 3 times with your head stuck out the damn window, literally everytime you leave the house. And yes those little mascara looking hair sticky things that are all over the gram can defo help but how bout we get that hair loss under control and grow some damn hair back yeh? The key is to catch it before it starts!! So use your hair oil BEFORE the hormonal hair loss starts and kick its arse with the essential oils that will actually help to stop hair loss in it's tracks. Will it stop it completely? No, I mean i'm not a miracle worker guys, but it will definitely help, that I can assure you. Use it after the hair loss has occured and you will wake up those dormant lazy little follicles that literally do nothing for most of the hair cycle, so you will have WAY more hair growth compared to a normal hair growth cycle.

Sounds good right? It is, and you'r welcome!