Because...candles make the perfect gift for just about everyone.  They create a sense of peace within the home.  They relax and rejuvenate and add elegance to every room!

There’s no doubt about it, luxury candles are the ultimate interior accessory and gift! Whether you want to add ambiance to your living room or have a relaxing candlelit bath.  Candles are our go to for transforming our home in literally seconds! 

Adding some candle light and the smell of summer to the house can make such a difference! 

We just know you will love our individually created scents as much as we do!

Our Room Mist are a great addition to your candle collection.  Available in 3 of our top selling candle scents they are perfect for a little home freshen up between candles. Choose to match your candle with your Room Mist scent or try out some new scents!

If you are trying our candles for the first time we highly recommend adding a set of the mixed scents tealights to your order, so you can test all the fav scents!