About Us


Two sisters with one BIG dream. 
  Lorelle lives in Newcastle, a stay at home mum with 3 kids, Romy, Avi and her step-son, Lincoln. Sarah lives on the Gold Coast, a single mum with 2 kids, Madison and Joshua.  For a long time we shared ideas, hopes, and 'what ifs' until one day we decided to jump in and start making our dream a reality!  Madison and Romy, are the eldest daughters in both families and are the only girls in the entire family on both sides, so they are pretty special (well we think so)!  They are both strong & independent girls who dream big, the perfect inspiration for a successful business!
And so it began...Madison Romy the Label was born.
So, hi and welcome to our brand!  Both being busy mum's we understand the fatigue, tears, pain, relentless housework and stresses of parenting and raising children.  We also know it is all so very worth it as there is no greater joy!  After years of being in the trenches, dealing with bad skin, dry skin, break out skin, and all the other issues that come hand in hand with the hormones, fatigue and the stress of motherhood, we decided to create a product that is specifically designed for MUMS!  But not just mums, EVERY woman that has experienced the ups and downs of hormones, and inconsistent skin issues.
We wanted to create a product that wasn't just going to make our skin 'appear' nicer, but actually renew it, deep within and create lasting affects.  After years of trying (and spending lots of money on) different skin care, and seeing beauty therapists & doctors about our ever changing skin problems, we resorted to creating our own.  We wanted natural products that actually worked, and we wanted them to be made in Australia. 
We guarantee that our no nasties skincare will have your skin glowing and we promise the process takes just a few minutes morning and night!  After all we are still busy mums!  But our business is not just about skin care, there is much more to it! It is about creating a place where woman can go to make other woman feel like themselves again.  It is a place where they can buy everything they need to pamper themselves, to take an hour out of their day to just BE. 
We as sisters know the pain of not being able to see each other whenever we like, we also know the heartache of not being able to visit our much loved friends from other parts of the country, so it was VERY important that we created a place where Gift Boxes can be customised and sent anywhere in Australia to whoever needs them most. 
A gift box that says, 'Hey Mumma I'm thinking of you hang in there'.  A gift box that says 'HAPPY 40th - I wish so much that I could be there with you'.  A gift box that says 'time for you to rest up my friend, you deserve a break'.  A gift box that includes only what YOU want it to include and shares the most meaningful messages.  And so here it is Madison Romy the Label, a place where we can spoil ourselves, our family & our friends! 
We thank you from the bottom of our heart for supporting our dream!
Sarah & Lorelle xx
(and Madison & Romy) xx